Blackberry Ridge Farm

Delhi, New York

Blackberry Ridge Farm is owned by Lucas and Amanda Cipperly. Located in Delhi, N.Y., the farm currently offers pure raw honey, maple syrup products, farm fresh eggs, and seasonal cut flowers. In the near future we will offer grass-fed beef, a variety of home goods, and cultivated mushrooms. Follow the farm on Facebook and Instagram (@Blackberryridgefarm).


Catskill Kombucha

Andes, New York

Catskills Kombucha is a 100% organic, natural small batch brewed with legendary pure Catskill Mountain water.  Rich in beneficial bacteria, B vitamins, folic acid, enzymes and living probiotic.  Growing study prove that our overall health instrinsically connected to the health of our microbiome; our gut health, everything from our immune system to our serotonin (our happy hormone) & why the tag line for Catskill Kombucha is - it takes guts to be happy and healthy.

Catskills Culture Club

Homestead in the Hollow

Jefferson, NY

Homestead in the Hollow specials in growing high-quality hardneck garlic for health and culinary consumption.

Located in Jefferson NY, the homestead also offers seasonal pasture-raised beef and chicken along with orchard raised thanksgiving turkeys.

Facebook Page :: Homestead in the Hollow

Wild Edge Farm & Forest Provision

Bloomville, NY

Wild Edge Farm & Forest Provisions is a value-added food producer with a specific focus on fermented foods and beverages. The company specializes in blending traditional methods with local and seasonal ingredients to provide creative and unique health promoting products to the market.

Email address:

Phone: 607 201-3278

Riverdale Farm

Delhi, NY

Riverdale Farm is a small family farm along the West Branch of the Delaware River in Delhi, NY with four generations of Frisbees raising happy, healthy cows, pigs and chickens for meat – as well as delicious wood-fired maple syrup! We pride ourselves on taking good care of the land and implement cutting-edge water quality and agroforestry practices. Contact us to get good food, including grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pure, wood-fired maple syrup, from farmers in your community!


Dirty Girl Goat Farm

Andes, NY

Dirty Girl Farm is a small goat dairy and micro-creamery in Andes, NY.
We milk our goats and turn that milk into cheese, yogurt and bottled milk.
On Saturdays in the summer we have a Farmers Market and during the week our farm store is open. Contact us for a tour.